Part 2: All Teeth No Soul

"Wake up kid, it’s your turn today" Rhaz said shaking Luke awake, he sat up from his bottom bunk. Bright morning light poured through the plastic window of the large dorm tent. Luke wiped morning crust from his eyes “yeah, sure I’ll be out in a sec” he said getting to his feet. The cement ground was freezing, he winced a bit then let out a yawn. “I’ll be outside meet me in front of the fence in five, gotta pull your weight if you want to stay at this camp kid” he said pushing open the flap doors and gingerly walking outside.

Upon walking out Luke noticed two things, one the helipad was empty which meant the chopper was gone. Sgt. Franklin must be on another supply run, and two Martha was doing that thing again which meant her and Rhaz were in for another pointless philosophical debate, which Luke was getting pretty fucking sick of. Luke made his way to the tool shed at the far end of the gated military camp. He pushed open the metal doors which gave a high pitched creek as he stumbled inside. Browsing through an array of weapons he settled on a machete. Walking towards the large chain link fence he made his way over to Martha. A sweet woman in her mid fifties her long grey hair draped over her shoulders as she sat lotus position and quietly chanting a mantra. “Ram, ram, ram” she continued over and over again. She positioned herself directly in front of the fence on the opposite side stood an army of reanimated corpses, hands and fingers prying at the fence trying desperately to get to the woman peacefully meditating in front of them. They’re pale white eyes were open wide and full of rage, they’re teeth gnashed against the metal chain links and they’re strained vocal chords let out raspy groans and angry sounding screams. They’re collective ghostly moans sounded like one big off beat orchestra from Hell.

Luke sat next to the meditating woman “good morning Martha” Luke said gently putting a hand on her shoulder, Martha opened her eye’s breaking meditation, she turned to Luke, a pleasant grin played over her slightly wrinkled face. “Hello darling, did you sleep alright?” She asked genuinely curious. Ever since Luke, Amber & the handful of other survivors arrived at the camp she had been something of a mother figure to them. Always sticking up for the kids if they got into trouble with Rhaz, Sgt. Franklin or the other soldiers.  They needed a tender mother figure, a year after what happened on the highway, none of them saw they’re families again. The military base they were flown to became a new home to them, the soldiers became extended family.

"I slept alright" Luke said casting his head down, Martha looked a bit concerned. "Still dreaming of those kids on the bus?" She asked, Luke turned his head away "yeah, but I don’t really want to talk about it", she knew the boy was in pain what did an eighteen year old really know about they’re own limitations after all? "Luke, sweetie from what you told me there was nothing you could have done, you can’t keep holding onto your pain these things weigh on you tremendously, you can’t just block it out you have to open up honey you’re not one of those things, they’re all teeth no soul they don’t feel, its ok to admit that you do. End of the world or not you can’t carry it all yourself" Martha really felt for the kid, she just wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks Martha" Luke looked at the woman tenderly.

Rhaz stepped in and broke the tender moment “Oh what, you too? You guys are really starting to freak me out with all this hippy bullshit” he said squeezing all the joy he could out of antagonizing Martha “the Buddhists would spend hours watching the bodies burn on the Gangues river Rhaz, it encourages humility, something I know you could use a lot more of” she smirked returning to her meditative state. Rhaz turned to Luke “c’mon are we gonna kill some reanimates or what?” Luke got to his feet and nodded, the kid owed the big barrel chested man his life, if he and Mitch, the soldier in the chopper hadn’t thrown down that rope ladder the day the shit hit the fan they would have surely met a brutal end. Rhaz picked a wedgie as he made his way over to the fence a long metal pipe with a jagged edge at the end of it his large clenched fist. He walked up close to the fence and jammed the thing into one of the zombies skulls and repeated the process.

The big hulking black man made his way down the fence jamming his spear into zombies faces they’re eyebrows shot up and they’re eyes rolled back as if he just flipped the off switch on the thing it went slack jawed and collapse to the ground. Luke followed the guy and jammed his machete through the monsters heads. Each time he did he had to swing his head back keeping his brown hair out of his eyes. “So, Martha’s gettin’ to ya with her hippy bullshit huh? Well I’ll tell you what kid, all that eastern philosophy wont do jack for ya when these dead fucks are gunnin for your throat, they’re not gonna sit down and contemplate the universe with you” the big soldier’s chuckled as he rammed his spear through more zombie heads. “We weren’t talking about that” Luke said, almost to himself. The two continued down the fence jabbing reanimates in the head “noticed the choppers gone” Luke said. Rhaz glanced back at the kid “Sgt. Franklin & Romeo went on a supply run, brought Amber with them too” he said as he stuck the pipe through another ones skull, Luke stopped short bewildered.

Glass danced around on the floor as Amber smashed her classic wooden baseball bat through a dusty old vending machine. She grabbed everything she could that hadn’t looked like it went bad and placed it in her backpack. Nothing nutritious just some old snacks she missed. Her walkie talkie squawked at her “Amber, come in Amber” she answered the thing and a stern voice shot back at her “what are you doing?” Asked the voice on the other line. “Oh you know just grabbing some snacks from the ol’ vending machines, pretzels really remind me of a time when undead cannibals weren’t trying to dismember me and everyone I love” she said into the walkie glancing around the dusty old office kitchen. “I hope your not being cute with me girl, get your ass up to the roof now were packing up, Romeo’s keepin watch and he’s tellin me we got a mighty big heard movin down eight ave.” Said Sgt. Franklin his gruff voice alone was enough to get Amber moving, she really didn’t wanna piss the veteran off.

Amber moved quickly through the fifth floor of the dark office building. Bat in hand she pushed open the doors of the small lunch room and into the main office space. Chairs had been flipped over, old computer monitors were smashed. The dark dingy interior of the work place was a bit too unsettling for Amber, being in tight dark spaces made her anxious. Moving into the hallway she made her way to the exit. She pushed it open catching the attention of two reanimates who stood with they’re backs to her on the flight of stairs leading to the roof. They turned around revealing they’re twisted enraged faces. One used to be a janitor from the look of its outfit, the other a businessman. They snarled at the nineteen year old showing they’re black jaggedly chipped teeth. The zombies lunged for the girl. Amber took a step back and brought herself into a battle ready stance, she lifted the bat as if she were about to hit a homer. The first creature came at her arms out and teeth clenched. She swung at it, smashing its head against the wall. Brains exploded from its forehead splattering the dusty white wall with bright red stringy goo. She took another step back stepping on old binders and report sheets that littered the hallway floor. She tossed her jet black hair over her right shoulder, planted her feet and prepared herself for the next one. This creature was a bit more spry. It swung its arms out madly and chomped its jaws releasing a series of wild primal screams. Amber roundhouse kicked the thing sending it tumbling to the ground. She brought the bat over her head and swung it down mercilessly caving in the reanimates distorted face. Blood shot out giving the grungy walls a brand new paint job.

Romeo raised his binoculars getting a Birdseye view of the streets below. Eighth avenue was vacant, a few rusted cars lay overturned & ruble littered the streets. The short Puerto Rican man adjusted his footing on the ledge of the building, clearly heights never put much of a scare in the man. He scratched his bald head and peered back into his binoculars. He scanned the street slowly moving his head to the left. “Fuck me” he mumbled as a horde of eighty possibly ninety ghouls entered his field of vision. They moved at a ghostly pace, the sound of they’re collective moans travelled in the air until it finally reached Romeo’s ears. Even though he had been in the field enough to get used to them, the sound of the creatures still made Romeo uneasy. His fingers tightened around the magnifying device as he gritted his teeth upon the sight of the horde. “Time to head out Serge, the Calvary’s coming. God forbid the chopper conks out we’re gonna be stuck up here with a city full of deadheads surrounding us.” He said hoping off the roofs ledge. Sgt. Franklin cocked his silencer pistol “that’s it I’m going in there, that damn girl probably got herself in trouble” he said making his way across the rooftop to an entrance door leading down flights of stairs, and into the bowls of the building.

The metallic door leading to the buildings stairway swung open and out stepped Amber stuffing the bloodied baseball bat into her backpack. Franklin stopped short, his black trench coat blew in the wind a bit as he planted his feet and sneered at Amber. “Kid, when I radio you to get back to the chopper you shake a fuckin’ leg and get back here, don’t dilly dally around, what if you got cornered huh?” Amber rolled her eyes “relax, I ran into some goblins no biggie” Amber said shrugging him off “Jesus, can’t we stick to one name for these things? So you took a few out huh? Did you remember what I taught you?” He asked folding his arms “never put your back against a wall” Franklin sneered again “and?” Amber shifted her weight to her left foot and folded her arms making it blatantly clear she was annoyed that they were going over this again “only use guns when absolutely necessary, that’s why I have my bat”. Franklin placed his weapon back in its holster, “alright then c’mon the streets are startin to fill up”. The small rag tag team made their way back to the helicopter.

Upon landing Amber noticed Luke waiting for them to exit the chopper a few feet from the helipad. Franklin turned to Amber, a smirk tugging at him “looks like your boyfriends mad” he joked Amber wasn’t amused “he’s not my boyfriend” she slung her backpack over her shoulder and hoped out. “What the Hell Amber? You know how dangerous going into the city is” Luke angrily protested while following her as she made her way back to her tent dorm. A couple soldiers kept watch from twin towers on either end of the camp ground, one smirked when he noticed Luke yelling at Amber he lifted his walkie “hey Amy, looks like the married couple’s fighting again” he chuckled.

"The city must have been swarming with those things, and you only brought two other people with you, I’m sorry but that’s fuckin’ stupid" Amber packed away her bag along with the few things she brought back from her run before firing back at Luke. "Why are we having this conversation, we’re not even together, theirs no us how bout we just both do our own thing" Luke sighed "look, just because were not in a relationship doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, and what does a relationship have to do with anything it’s the apocalypse for God sake." Amber turned and faced the guy "whatever, you lied to me I’m not just going to forget that" she shot back, once she said it a part of her immediately regretted saying it. Luke turned to leave "I wasn’t lying to you" he said leaving Amber alone in the tent.


Anonymous said: you are a talented writer! i love your story on Zombie Survival!!

Thanks a lot man! I’m glad you liked it Ill put up a new one soon




Part 1: Camp Wantagh

Luke was scared, his teeth were clenched, he could feel the stern grip of panic tightening in his throat, his knuckles were turning white from his fingers digging into the arm rest of the couch in the rec room. The younger camp members sat huddled around the recreation rooms flat screen, dismayed by what they were all watching on the evening news. Amber managed to pry her gaze from the television set and turned her attention at Luke. “Turn it off Luke the kids are really starting to get scared” she said trembling. Luke didn’t respond in his other hand he held the remote, not noticing how hard he was clenching it.

Scenes of chaos played out on the news. Frantic reporters rushed around in the background of the CBS news station. Some famous evening reporter stumbled over his words as he read from an off-screen teleprompter. He stammered out “some-something is happening, the streets are a war zone, the area of lower Manhattan has been shut down and is now under full martial law. I repeat. The bodies of the r-recently deceased are returning to life and attacking men, women, ch-children!” His hands skated nervously across his desk as he shuffled through papers, he lifted one to his face. “The death toll of lower Manhattan has reached twelve hundred!” He lifted a hand to his ear “I’m now getting word that Chicago, California & Washington are reporting outbreaks!” Gun fire suddenly erupted in the studio and an expression of dread lite up the mans face, screams broke out and the television cut to an emergency broadcast signal.

Luke finally shut off the television and left the rec room of camp Wantagh. Amber followed him “Sam keep an eye on the kids” she ordered. A sweet hearted short blonde nineteen year old instructed the panicked kids to form a circle and hold hands. Amber followed Luke into the kitchen. “Luke, look at me baby we have to try and get ahold of these kids parents… Luke?” She took her boyfriends hand, he was in shock. Amber finally gave up and began to rummage through the cabinets before barging out of the kitchen with her arms full of canned food. “Sam did you get Counselor Ed on the walkie?” Amber asked, Sam shook her head trying not to scare the kids. Amber swiped a the walkie laying on the couch. She yelled into the thing “can anybody hear me? This is Amber, Counselor Ed come in!” She waited a few moments until finally the walkie squawked back a panicked voice “Amber! Amber this is counselor Jen, get all the kids to the busses now were leaving the camp, you and the other camp counselors need to get all the kids out now!” She paused to catch her breath “oh God, Amber they’re going to close off the bridges hurry we’re all leaving now!”

Amber dropped the walkie and turned to Sam “I heard, c’mon kids everyone to the bus” she moved a line of frightened kids out of the rec center. Luke followed behind. Amber pushed open the front doors of the Camp Wantagh’s rec center. Orange sunlight poured over her face. Choppers could be heard flying overhead, heading towards New York City. Amber knew the walk from the rec center was a good ten minutes, the young camp counselors did they’re best to keep the kids in single file line as the trekked through a narrow path in the forest. Luke led up from behind, trying his best to make small talk with the kids to keep them from panicking. “Counselor Luke, what’s happening, when can we go home?” asked Terry one of the little girls who’s parents spent a fortune to send to summer camp for the ladder half of the season. Luke cleared his throat, he tried to be as honest with the little girl as he could without scaring her. “We’re headed to the buses Terry, somewhere safe you can see your family, I hope its somewhere with pizza! I haven’t eaten lunch yet have you?” He joked, Terry didn’t respond instead she cast her head down and wiped away a few stray tears. Luke’s sense of unease only grew stronger as they continued down the path leading away from the rec center.

The chemical cocktail of adrenaline and panic was foreign to Luke. He was a bit to young to have really understood what happened the day of 911. The idea of some kind of nation wide catastrophe was really new to him. His family & friends whizzed through his swirling mind all of it was mixed with dread. “What the fuck were those things on TV” he thought as he stomped over dirt and gravel barley paying attention to the kids in front of him. Of course he didn’t believe a word of it, early that morning when he opened his email and glanced at some article on Yahoo, bullshit he thought, even when panicked reporters on CNN were talking about it. But those videos, people being torn apart, eaten alive! People with two, three, eight of those things crouched around them. The screaming, the cutting back to the faces of horrified reporters, back and forth it was hypnotizing in a terrifying sort of way. Amber seemed to block it out and focus on the actual situation. Luke couldn’t, he couldn’t believe something so nightmarish was happening. His head swirled from on thing to another when a scream interrupted his thoughts and jarred him into the present moment.

Luke caught a split second glimpse of what had happened when a dozen kids broke formation in a wild frenzy. Pushing past young campers Luke saw what had caused the chaos. Sam and some man were wrestling on the floor. “Get this fucking guy off me!” She screamed as Luke dove for the thing. Just before he did, the large man tore a mouthful of flesh from Sam’s forearm, exposing pure white bone. Luke grappled with the thing for a bit and tore it off the young camp counselor. Amber sprinted to her friend, who lay bleeding out on the gravel path, a few feet away from the camp entrance. Ripping off her shirt Amber wrapped her friends bleeding arm in her green camp counselor Polo.

Luke’s field of vision turned into a blurry image of pale milky eyes, saliva and gnashing blood splattered teeth. What was once a man now looked like some kind of sick parody of one, its skin was pale white and had tightened clinging to the things facial bones. The creature snapped its jaws, the sound of teeth clacking together sent shivers through Luke. There it was again, the cocktail of adrenaline panic & fear it shot through his body. Almost without Luke noticing it, his legs shot out sending the creature propelled backward tumbling into the forest. Luke raced over to the two girls “c’mon everyone we gotta move” Amber shouted. The group raced to the entrance. Mrs. Cathy and other staff members ran towards the kids getting them on the bus. Luke looked back as the group was moving. The undead attacker got to its feet and shambled after the parade of fresh meat headed to the forest clearing.

Three busses packed with children and adults shouting for order rolled out of the forest clearing and away from Camp Wantagh’s entrance. Finally hitting the road Luke, Amber and Sam collapsed in the back of the bus. Sam, pressed Ambers shirt tight around her wound. “Oh my God, Amber it wont stop bleeding!” The sound of a whistle cut through the noise of a bus full of nine and ten year olds. Mrs. Cathy moved past the kids shoving each other and climbing from seat to seat. She made a B-line towards Sam. “Let me see” she said gently as she removed the balled up red, soaking shirt from the girls arm. Cathy winced a bit as she saw the wound, it didn’t look good, in fact it looked as if it were getting darker and more corroded with the passing seconds. She looked into Sam’s blue panicked eyes “do you know who did this to you?” She asked, Sam shook her head no, “I don’t know Cathy I didn’t recognize him he wasn’t one of the staff” she said in between tears “i-it really f-uckin’ hurts” she choked out.

The bus bumped and lurched forward as it made its way through the winding road until it finally got out of the woods and merged with the highway. Luke looked out of the window “holy fuck”, he mumbled to himself. The scene was bathed in the light of the setting five PM sun. The highway was engulfed in chaos, a sea of traffic stretched out for miles, helicopters whizzed over head & overturned cars littered the pavement producing bright orange flames that sent deadly black smoke stretching up into the sky. People resorted to abandoning they’re cars and traveling on foot. Amber turned to look out the window just as a bloodied hand smashed against the glass, she let out a scream. The school bus erupted in frightened shouts. The children pointed towards the multiplying hands reaching and scratching at the windows. Amber grabbed hold of Luke’s arm as even more hands and fists appeared. All at once it made sense to Luke why so many were abandoning they’re vehicles and taking off, he realized they were in the middle of some kind of horde!

He leaned over and peered out of a window, to his horror he realized the bus was surrounded by a small army of these creatures. They’re faces twisted into hideous sneers and animal like expressions, these things were not humans, not anymore some kind of base animal instinct had taken over they’re infected bodies. Most of them were wounded, arms taken off, large chunks of flesh were torn away from they’re necks, faces & arms. It looked as if some of them walked away from an explosion, perhaps a few of them did. Luke locked eyes with a woman, maybe in her mid thirties who’s face and chest were charred, from the look of it she had been set on fire, her face was covered in boils and black burnt skin. The cannibal lunged for the bus joining the rest of them who were shoving themselves against the right side of the bright yellow vehicle. The screams were making Ambers ears ring as she helped Mrs. Cathy comfort her friend who was rolling and twisting off of the back seat in pain.

The sound of glass shattering grabbed Luke’s attention, even over the screams of terrified children. They were getting in, gory arms shot through the glass doors of the bus. The bus driver screamed out and dove away from the steering wheel to keep the starving creatures out of the interior. Luke jump to his feet and raced to go help him, just as he left Sam’s side the sound of Ambers voice distracted him “AW GOD!” Amber screamed out as Sam tore away a piece of Mrs. Cathy’s neck. Thick crimson blood squirted all over the back seats and windows of the vehicle. Sam’s determined teeth sliced through the poor teachers jugular. Mrs. Cathy’s arms shot out trying to keep the thing from finishing her, this didn’t phase the monster, it only lunged in closer stripping away Mrs. Cathy’s right cheek. They both collapsed to the floor and out of Luke’s vision.

Amber leaped up & and gabbed onto the emergency escape hatch on the roof of the bus, the thing opened up and all the noise of the chaotic outside poured in. She hoisted herself up “Kids!” She screamed, one by one Luke lifted the children towards the escape hatch. The sound of glass shattering distracted him once again, they were in. A couple had managed to tear apart the driver. Like nails on a school chalkboard his animal like screams cut through the air and reminded Luke of the urgency of the situation. Now at break neck speed he lifted child after child up out of the bus. Angry distorted faced monsters made they’re way towards Luke and the kids. They’re eyes, so focused and animal like they wanted to eat, they wanted fresh warm bodies to devour and they got it three kids, three out of the twelve Luke couldn’t save the sight unfolding in front of him was too grim, the young man swung his head forward to see Sam and a reanimated Mrs. Cathy make they’re way towards him when Ambers hand shot into his field of vision. He took it and lifted himself up towards salvation.

Luke was balling now. He hoisted himself up out of the bus and collapsed onto its yellow roof. “Amber, Amber I couldn’t save them, I couldn’t save-” the roaring sound of an explosion cut him off. Some overturned pickup shot a billowing cloud of smoke and flames into the air. Now a group of twenty, maybe twenty five of those things surrounded the bus on either side. Reaching, grabbing given the chance they would tear each of them to bloody slabs of meat. Amber fixed her gaze on her sobbing boyfriend, what kind of Hell had they been dropped into she wondered as she wrapped her arms around a huddled cluster of children, her reality turned to shit so fast she felt as though she could barley hang on.

A gust of wind suddenly shot down from the heavens. Amber looked up as some military chopper hovered above the school bus. A rope ladder smacked against the roof. “Oh my God, kids climb!” She instructed, the small group of children climbed towards the aircraft that would save them from they’re grim demise. She then clenched the rope ladder and pulled herself up periodically looking down to make sure Luke was following. He was. Luke’s tears flew off of his cheek as the enormous power of the military grade chopped blew them off his red face.

"I don’t give a fuck about protocol sir! If we’re not saving people what the fuck are we out here to do?" Barked the aircraft pilot as he ripped off his headset and tossed it behind him. The helicopter screamed forward away from the sea of madness beneath them. Just below a swarm of reanimated cannibals tore though the other two busses from camp Wantagh.




   The sun dipped low across the vast desert landscape, painting the sky with the color pink. The great ancient desert stretched out miles long until all at once it ended. A long, deep valley interrupted the seemingly ever expanding flat ground.

   At the very edge of the valley, lay two metallic doors buried slightly with sand. A fairly sophisticated elevator shaft lie just beneath the doors. It led down at least a mile from the deserts surface to “Grand Valley”, humanity’s last salvation.

   The Grand Valley settlement was home to at least 8,000 people who upheld a strict humans only policy. Grand Valley was said to be the last known all human civilization since the decade long Dimension Wars. A great war started by a criminally naïve world government which secretly began exploring dimensions far different from our own so many years ago. This war which spanned ten long years of fighting was filled with dozens of Humanities triumphs and defeats, it inevitably took a brutal toll on the Earth and brought the human race to it’s knees.

   No one quite knows when or how exactly the portal was opened to other side. But not a living soul will forget what horror emerged from it.



The Subway Chronicles

There’s Alligators that live in the subway
Deep beneath the streets of New York City
Many don’t believe me when I tell them
But take the word of an old gypsy woman 
They slither and squirm in the dark 
But thank heavens they don’t live in Central Park
They stay deep down in those old dark dank tunnels
And eat the rats with their snapping jaws and yellow teeth
How does an old gypsy woman know this you may ask
Well spend enough time in New York City and soon you’ll know a little bit about everything
Because New York City is not for the faint of heart
Its for the midnight explorers and the people who have dreams
Its for the ones who wish to know
About all the strange people who come and who go
The empire state is a magical place for those who believe in such yarns
Like old men who have learned to jog backward while playing the harmonica
Or Dogs who have learned to speak 
Or of course Alligators who spend time in the subway each and every week

HEYY :D! Be sure to check out the 1st episode of our new web series LIFE BYTES@ & Youtube/Life Bytes when it airs on Saturday Nov 10th!

HEYY :D! Be sure to check out the 1st episode of our new web series LIFE BYTES@ & Youtube/Life Bytes when it airs on Saturday Nov 10th!

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